Office Manager's Guide to Hiring the Best Medical Scribe Service

Office Manager's Guide to Hiring the Best Medical Scribe Service

Jun 02,2022

Office Manager's Guide to Hiring the Best Medical Scribe Service

Time and again research studies reinforce the widespread feeling of dissatisfaction among US physicians with the use of EHRS as they spend too much time documenting their work. Recent studies are of the opinion that physicians spend almost 50% of their time documenting the encounter, significantly limiting the amount of time that can be spent on direct patient care. This is where physicians started to take the help of medical scribes to complete all the documentation tasks and meet regulatory compliance. In order to assist them with researching and sourcing the best medical scribe services came in the office managers. They not only help in finding the best medical scribe service but also hire and train, monitor and evaluate their performance, and make sure they meet organizational and regulatory requirements.

The following are some of the factors that they need to evaluate when hunting for the best medical scribing service.

HIPAA compliance for data security

HIPAA compliance is an important criterion to be considered as medical scribing involves handling of sensitive medical data. For this purpose make sure to inquire the following

  • Technology: HIPAA compliance in technology can be ensured by checking if transmission of sensitive health data is done through encrypted channels, if firewall is installed etc.,
  • Process: HIPAA compliance in the process can be ensured by making sure that the medical scribing work is done in a HIPAA compliant office facility and not through subcontractors or home-based models. Also, inquire if other security measures like surveillance cameras, access control systems, and security officers are in place.
  • People: HIPAA compliance among the medical scribe staff can be ensured by checking if they are educated on the importance of HIPAA and have signed a commitment to follow it.

Level of expertise

When you are looking to hire a medical scribe service, you need to learn about their level of expertise in the industry. Inquire how long they have been in the business of medical scribing. A reputable company with years of experience in the scribing industry is most likely to provide good quality work. Find out who their past and present clients are. By industry expertise it also means that you get access to medical scribes who demonstrate strong professional ethics, excellent typing skills, a good grasp of medical terminology, as well as cognizance and vigilance in dealing with confidential information.

Quick inquiry response

When you approach a prospective medical scribe company check if they respond to any questions or queries quickly and efficiently. A quick response will leave a professional impression, putting them in the best place to be hired. You wouldn't prefer to do business with a company that isn't responsive as there is no guarantee on the outcome you can expect when you choose to hire them.

Thorough research

Never rush and settle for the first medical scribe service provider that pops up in your search results. In order for you to understand if the company is worth the work your hospital provides them with, make sure to check reviews online and contact their references. Look for client testimonials from previous happy clients. This will help you know that they have a healthy clientele base. When others express satisfaction with a particular scribe service, it is a good sign that you may consider using them.

24/7 continual support

Medical scribes soon become an invaluable member of the hospital care team so much so that even a single day without them would slow down physician's workflow. Look for medical scribe service providers that designate a dedicated primary scribe and backup scribes to your practice. In the event the primary scribe is unavailable due to personal reasons, trained backup scribes take over to ensure uninterrupted scribing service.

Price transparency/ free trial offer

Price transparency in a medical scribe services helps the physician to be more prepared, involved and informed. Look for scribe services that offer simple and straight forward pricing. Also make sure you don't have to lock yourself in long-term contracts. This simply means they are not doing their business right. Check if they offer a no-obligation free trial offer. Opting for a free trail helps the physician to use the scribe service for free before they decide if it is right for them or not.


Medical scribes are an indispensable part of the care team and hence important that they take part in all the scribe providers' compliance programs. Make sure that they their performance is monitored on a regular basis. Medical scribes should also take a refresher training course periodically to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date. Most importantly, inquire about their audit programs to ensure that documentation quality, privacy, and security standards are continually improved.

As an office manager it is your responsibility to take the time and effort to help choose a trusted and reliable medical scribe partner for the healthcare organization. Remember, choosing the best medical scribe service provider will help the practice reap long-term benefits. On the other hand a wrong choice can lead to unwanted consequences. So, make sure to thoroughly research and make an informed decision.

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