Our Services

Virtual Medical Scribing

As low as $14 per hour

Our Virtual scribes complete charts in real-time, allowing doctors to focus on patient care instead of EHR care. Connect with our scribes from anywhere with just a click of a button, using our advanced scribing mobile app.

Real-time scribing

Our highly experienced pool of scribe team can help you complete your patient charts with 99% accuracy.

EHR Entry

Our team is well versed with more than 100+ EHR software in the market. We don't just convert your encounters, we can also post into your EHR application.

Transcripts ready instantly

Our scribes will complete the charts in real-time, so you spend less time reviewing the charts.

Off line Scribing

As low as $12 per hour

Our offline scribing service is specially designed for those who review their charts the next day. Scribe4Me app allows you to record your patient encounters and share it. Patient’s chart is completed and posted accurately into your EHR, on time. Our team is adept in more than 100+ EHR platforms.


We guarantee 99% accuracy.

EHR Posting

Our team is well versed with more than 100+ EHR softwares in the market. We don't just convert your encounters, we can also post into your EHR application.

Turnaround Time

We offer 24 hours and 12 hours TAT for completing your charts and posting it into the EHR.

Medical Transcription

Pay $1 per audio minute

100% human generated transcription. No Speech Recognition Software used. Our highly trained and experienced team of 500+ English speaking professionals transcribe all audios to text 24/7 as per your specifications and industry guidelines within the stipulated TAT.


We guarantee 99 to 100% accuracy.


Our 500+ English-speaking professionals transcribe files 24/7 so all the details from your audio can be captured accurately.

Turnaround Time

Choose between our three options - 24hours, 12hours and STAT (TAT less than 6 hours)

Auto Transcription Starting at $0.15 per minute

Our advanced speech recognition software converts voice recordings to text. We recommend ASR when your deadlines are short and budgets are tight. Perfect choice when all you need is a rough draft. Works best for clear audio files.


We do not guarantee 100% accuracy because there is no human intervention.

Speech Recognition

Automated transcriptions are not 100% accurate. It's not seen by humans.

Turnaround Time

Transcripts ready instantly.

Appointment Scheduler Starting at $5 per month

Our simple appointment scheduler helps to view, manage and schedule appointments, send instant notifications and organize your daily schedule easily. Use our virtual consulting platform to schedule appointments for online consulting. Our scheduling feature comes free of cost.

Simple , Easy and Free

Our Scheduling feature comes free

Virtual Consulting

Take advantage of the built-in virtual consulting feature for just $0.10 per patient appointment.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Our end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management solutions provide everything from insurance verification through coding, charge capture and claims submission to payment posting, accounts receivables and denial management. Our RCM services are offered either as a full-featured package or as a standalone service.

Accuracy and HIPAA compliance

We guarantee 95-98% accuracy and full compliance

Industry expertise

Team of experts who stay on top of RCM trends and codes

Quick TATs

Our 24/7 services ensure quick turnaround times