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Scribe4Me's Auto Transcription is a speech-to text transcription service that uses the latest in AI to convert voice notes to text, in minutes. If you are looking to save time and cost, Scribe4Me's auto transcription is the perfect choice. Our advanced ASR software transcribes audio files quickly and for a fraction of the cost of human transcription.

Advanced ASR software

Advanced ASR software

We provide high-end ASR software that accurately captures and transcribes medical terms. Inbuilt- with specific dictionaries adapted to a variety of medical specialties.

Instantaneous turnarounds

Instantaneous turnarounds

Structured documents returned almost instantly. Ideal when your deadlines are short and budgets are tight.

Cheaper Rates

Cheaper Rates

It’s a relatively cheap transcription solution. A perfect choice for those with basic transcription needs and limited budget.

Not 100% accurate

Not 100% accurate

No 100% accuracy guaranteed. It’s not overseen by humans. You get what you pay for. ASR works best for good quality audio files.

Diverse specialties

Diverse specialties

Our ASR software can transcribe speech to text across a wide range of medical specialties.

Reduce burnout

Reduce burnout

ASR eliminates the need for note taking that takes up a major portion of your time, significantly reducing burn out.

Boost revenue

Boost revenue

With our auto transcription service you can expect a 12% increase in patient encounters, which will help you generate incremental revenue.

Save time and increase productivity

Save time and increase productivity

You can save time and see more patients by dictating your notes between shifts using our Scribe4Me mobile app.

Wondering what makes us stand out from the others? The following are some of the reasons why Scribe4Me’s auto transcription does a better job than all its competitors.

Trained to learn

Ever since its inception Scribe4Me’s state-of-the-art ASR model has been trained and fine-tuned with millions of minutes of audio data and related transcripts. Hence, it can learn and adapt to different physicians’ dictating styles, voice patterns, accents, and dialects. It can also capture and identify multiple speakers in an audio clipping to ensure the best possible results.

Cheaper rates

Our auto transcription service has enabled the delivery of unimaginably low prices in the industry, with no hidden charges, upfront charges or long-term commitments. It comes with a cheaper price tag as it eliminates the need for human transcribers in the workflow. In this way, Scribe4Me helps create a quality that closely matches human accuracy at a fraction of the cost.

Data privacy

Our advanced ASR technology removes the human element keeping patient health information safe while providing fast and efficient transcription services. In short with no humans involved true data privacy can be achieved. ASR ensures a better level of safety and security by transcribing all audio files to text safely, quickly and efficiently, eliminating concerns related to data privacy.

Adapts to any workflow

Our auto transcription service is easily adaptable to varying workflow requirements. Our advanced speech recognition software can capture, transcribe, format and insert notes into your EHR in a way that fits perfectly into the existing workflow. In short, ASR transcription service creates a seamless experience that greatly improves productivity while keeping costs low.

Increased flexibility and simplicity

Our auto transcription service is the simplest and easiest way to convert audio to text using advanced speech recognition algorithms. It also provides greater flexibility when speed and cost-effectiveness are your goals. You also enjoy the freedom and flexibility to complete notes at your convenience, drastically reducing documentation time and increasing documentation efficiency.

24/7 customer support

We believe that resolving customer queries quickly is a cornerstone of excellent customer service. That is why we offer a customer support personnel who helps find answers to your questions as they come up, in real-time. Our technical support engineer is also available via telephone, email, and chat to get your issues resolved with proper assistance and clarity, right away.

Wondering when to opt for an auto transcription service? Well, if you have been contemplating between using a machine or human transcription, the answer is simple: it all depends on your transcription needs. Our auto transcription is a perfect choice for those who are budget-conscious and need to transcribe a large volume within a short time frame. However, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy as it is not overseen by humans. You get what you pay for. So, if all you need is a rough draft completed and delivered within minutes ASR is the way to go.

Scribe4Me’s auto transcription service helps to overcome inefficiencies that cause workflow delays, increase costs, raise the possibility of human errors and the risk of data breaches. What’s more? With Scribe4Me’s automated clinical documentation you save up to three hours a day. And that’s a lot of time.

Automated speech-to-text transcription is a perfect solution for managing your entire transcription workflow, right from dictation to documentation. Get started now with our auto transcription service and experience the Scribe4Me difference.

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Our advanced speech recognition software converts voice recordings to text. We recommend ASR when your deadlines are short and budgets are tight. Perfect choice when all you need is a rough draft. Works best for clear audio files.


We do not guarantee 100% accuracy because there is no human intervention.

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Automated transcriptions are not 100% accurate. It's not seen by humans.

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