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Virtual Medical Scribes Complete Charts in Real-time

What comes with more time? Better Patient Care!

Best in the industry virtual medical scribing services since 2007

Looking for the best-in-class virtual medical scribing services? Your search ends here. Scribe4Me has a proven track record of consistently delivering high-quality virtual medical scribing services to clients ranging from small private practice physicians to large multi-specialty group practices across the US.

Our virtual medical scribing service provides live data entry into your EHRs. Here’s how it works. Our virtual scribe accompanies you virtually during a patient visit, listens to and transcribes patient information, in real-time. Hiring our virtual scribe to provide real-time administrative support allows you to focus entirely on patient care.

Complete charts the same-day

Complete charts the same-day

With our scribes documenting in real-time, all charts will be completed and ready for sign-off on the same-day of service.

More time, more patients

More time, more patients

Our virtual scribes listen to encounters and charts in real-time, freeing up more time to see more patients.

More patients = more revenue

More patients = more revenue

More patients equals more revenue. This additional revenue more than covers the cost of the scribe.

A win-win scenario

A win-win scenario

Being relieved of the duty of documenting the charts in real-time ensures satisfied physicians and happier patients - an ultimate win-win for both.

Better work-life balance

Better work-life balance

With same-day chart completion, you get home early and spend more time with family without any clinical documentation hanging over your head.

Less burned out

Less burned out

With our scribes taking charge of the EHR-related tasks, you spend less time documenting and are less likely to feel burned out.

100% HIPAA compliant

100% HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliance is our top priority. Our entire process is HIPAA compliant with the goal of protecting sensitive patient data. Rest assured.

99% accuracy guarantee

99% accuracy guarantee

We value our work and understand how accurate documentation is crucial to delivering high-quality, safe patient care. With our scribes highly trained to accurately chart we guarantee 99% accuracy.

Wondering what makes Scribe4Me a definition of superiority and class? Well, the following are some of the parameters that set us apart from others in providing high-quality virtual medical scribing services since 2007.

Seamless workflow adaptability

Our virtual medical scribing model is designed to provide you with complete, accurate and up-to-date medical documentation while integrating seamlessly into your existing workflow. In fact, our virtual medical scribes are trained to adjust to your workflow in order to make documentation as efficient as possible.

Choose the EHR of your choice

With our scribes adequately trained in 50 + popular EHR systems we are built to serve whatever EHR you are comfortable using. Just name the EHR software of your choice and we’ve got it covered. In fact, our virtual scribe model ensures smooth integration with almost all popular EHR systems available in the market.

Dedicated virtual medical scribe

We assign a dedicated virtual scribe based on your specialty, work schedule, documentation style and charting preferences to deliver high-quality charts. Though miles away, they will fit perfectly into your existing workflow and soon become an integral part of your care team.

No need for tech or process upgrades

Our scribes are rigorously trained to use most of the popular EHR software available in the market. Our virtual scribing model aims to help physicians meet their EHR goals without the need to adopt any new technology or process.

Uninterrupted coverage

We understand that even a single day without your scribe causes a major disruption in your workflow. That’s why we always have backup scribes ready. In case the primary scribe calls out sick, we assign a trained backup scribe who is familiar with your documentation routine. With backup scribes always in place, we ensure uninterrupted services.

Specialty-specific services

Our scribes undergo a rigorous training program designed to prepare them for any specialty. As such, we have an expert team of scribes for every medical specialty. Being well-versed in the language of your specialty they consistently deliver high-quality charts.

24/7 support model

We offer round-the-clock support to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our customer service representative and technical support engineer are available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. This means all your queries get answered, and issues get resolved, immediately.

Simple and straightforward pricing

We believe in building trust through price transparency. Our pricing is simple with no hidden costs or surprises. We have no start-up costs and offer the lowest hourly rates in the industry. What’s more? There is also no need to sign any long-term binding contracts.

Dedicated account manager

We assign a dedicated account manager with the expertise to handle all your requests and concerns. They will work closely with you to consistently deliver high-quality charts. In fact, Scribe4Me prides itself on providing superior quality virtual medical scribing services that exceed clients’ expectations.

ISO certified

Quality is our top priority. We are ISO certified and go above and beyond to consistently provide the industry’s highest level of quality virtual medical scribing services that exceed customer expectations. All our virtual scribes are trained to be quality conscious and understand the significance of delivering accurate, high-quality charts. Rest assured.

Scribe4Me has carved a niche for itself as a leading provider of low-cost, high-quality virtual medical scribing services since 2007. With Scribe4Me you get to spend more time interacting with patients, see more patients per day, regain personal time, improve chart quality, focus on practicing medicine and enjoy higher billable documentation.

Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Well, what are you waiting for? Get started with our virtual medical scribing services, today. Give it a shot and experience the Scribe4Me difference!

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Virtual Medical Scribing As low as $14 per hour

Our Virtual scribes complete charts in real-time, allowing doctors to focus on patient care instead of EHR care. Connect with our scribes from anywhere with just a click of a button, using our advanced scribing mobile app.

Real-time scribing

Our highly experienced pool of scribe team can help you complete your patient charts with 99% accuracy.

EHR Entry

Our team is well versed with more than 100+ EHR software in the market. We don't just convert your encounters, we can also post into your EHR application.

Transcripts ready instantly

Our scribes will complete the charts in real-time, so you spend less time reviewing the charts.

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