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500+ professionals to transcribe your files

Don’t spend endless hours on data-entry, you weren’t trained for it.

Our transcription service is 100% human-generated

All transcripts are produced by highly skilled human professional transcribers and not machines.

Scribe4Me has established itself as an industry leader in delivering fast, accurate and secure transcription services at unbelievably low prices. There's a reason for being an indisputable leader in the medical transcription industry for over 15 years, and that's our rapid turnarounds and flawless transcripts.

Wondering how our transcription service works? Well, here’s what you have to do. After a patient visit is over, just dictate patient information into a recording app at your convenience and send in the audio files. Our professional human transcribers will convert them into accurate transcripts formatted exactly the way you want them.

Access to trained personnel

Access to trained personnel

Our transcriptionists are highly skilled in the language of medicine to ensure complete and accurate notes on time, every time.

Quality Reports

Quality Reports

Quality is our top priority. We have a multi-level quality control system in place to ensure the highest quality transcripts.

Makes documentation easier

Makes documentation easier

All you have to do is just dictate notes into a recording app. Now sit back, relax and look forward to great transcripts.

More time for things you love

More time for things you love

You need not sit for hours at your computer to catch up on charts. You can now spend more time with patients or get back home early for dinner.

Quick retrieval of critical information

Quick retrieval of critical information

With exact timestamps and custom formatting, you can quickly locate important patient information, medical histories, reports, and other notes.

100% HIPAA compliant

100% HIPAA compliant

All our transcriptionists are HIPAA certified. We fully comply with HIPAA privacy laws and take every effort to ensure the confidentiality of the documents we transcribe.

Round-the-clock service

Round-the-clock service

Our 500+ English-speaking professionals accurately transcribe all files 24/7 as per your specifications and industry guidelines.

Improved reimbursements

Improved reimbursements

We assure that the transcripts we return will be thorough, complete, and in the format prescribed by insurance companies. This optimizes timely reimbursements and reduces claim rejections.

The following are some of the parameters that help us build our own authentic identity and emerge as an industry leader in providing high-quality medical transcription outsourcing services.

We Transcribe your files 24/7

Low-cost yet high-quality

Scribe4Me’s medical transcription service comes with a low price tag. Being customer-oriented in approach we offer the best possible prices. We guarantee the lowest prices in the industry along with superior quality transcripts and exceptional customer service. What more do you need? Our pricing policy is also transparent with no startup or hidden charges.

Quick turnaround times

We work round-the-clock to diligently maintain the TAT of our work. We understand that physicians are also required to keep hospitals running 24/7. Patients are seen and procedures are performed round the clock. Dictations may need to be transcribed, sometimes STAT. We get your transcripts returned in as little as 6 hours. In fact, we have an excellent track record in providing time-bound deliveries.

Dedicated account manager

We strive to exceed customers’ expectations in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. That is why we assign a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with our transcription service. Your account manager will answer your questions, resolve your queries and ensure that high-quality transcripts are delivered within the guaranteed TAT.

ISO certification

It’s our mission to provide our clients with the highest quality transcription services. As an ISO-certified organization, we go the extra mile to consistently deliver the industry’s highest level of quality transcription services that exceed customer expectations. We also train our transcriptionists to be quality conscious and understand the significance of delivering flawless transcripts, every time.

Specialty-specific transcription

Our goal is to provide customized transcription services for all medical specialties. That is why we have an expert team of certified medical transcriptionists for every medical specialty. They are knowledgeable in specialty-specific terminology, medical reports, document formatting, and abbreviations to ensure high-quality, accurate transcripts, every time.

Free trial

We offer a free no-obligation trial to help you assess our quality, accuracy, professionalism, and timeliness. This free trial also helps us to better understand your requirements and develop a service plan to deliver efficient and timely transcription services. We believe that our quality and customer experience is the highest in the industry. Start a free trial today to get an experience of our medical transcription services before you decide to sign up.

Scribe4Me is the number one medical transcription company that offers accurate, reliable, and timely medical transcription services at unbeatable prices. Fifteen plus years of expertise in this field has taught us that uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service are the ties that bind us to our clients. What are you looking for? Hire our services today and experience the Scribe4Me difference.

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Medical Transcription Pay $1 per audio minute

100% human generated transcription. No Speech Recognition Software used. Our highly trained and experienced team of 500+ English speaking professionals transcribe all audios to text 24/7 as per your specifications and industry guidelines within the stipulated TAT.


We guarantee 99 to 100% accuracy.


Our 500+ English-speaking professionals transcribe files 24/7 so all the details from your audio can be captured accurately.

Turnaround Time

Choose between our three options - 24hours, 12hours and STAT (TAT less than 6 hours)

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