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Accurate and Reliable Charge Entry Services

The charge entry process plays a vital role in the overall revenue cycle management system. It is a process of entering all important information related to the services provided to a patient. This data is crucial for subsequent claims processing and hence should be accurate, error-free and in accordance with the guidelines.

Charge entry in medical billing is crucial as all patient accounts created are assigned the appropriate dollar value as per the codes and fee schedule. The values entered will determine the reimbursements for the physician’s service. Meaning, there should be no room for errors. Scribe4Me’s charge entry specialists pay attention to detail to ensure that every entry is made accurately and in an approved manner. This way, our medical billing charge entry services can help medical practices maintain a healthy cash flow, avoid payment delays and reduce claim denials.

Scribe4Me’s Charge Entry Process

Get quick and hassle-free prior authorization services. Ensure faster approvals and smoother healthcare experiences. This is how our charge entry process looks like.

Receive files/Download files

We receive scanned copies of checks and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) from our clients through a secure FTP site. Our billing team downloads these files, reviews them and assigns them to the respective charge entry team.

Enter crucial information

This is a two-step process which includes the entering of both patient information and billing information into the billing system. The patient information includes inputting patient demographics like name, address, birthdate, age, sex, ethnicity, race, social security number etc. The billing information includes inputting patient account number, date of service, place of service, admission date and time, billing provider and referring provider, amount billed and amount allowed, amount adjusted and paid, procedure code and diagnosis code etc. We then double check each and every entry to ensure accuracy.

EOB follow-up

In cases where patients are responsible for some or all of the balances due, and there are issues such as late or missed payments, our team undertakes to perform a thorough investigation into the EOB and other aspects of its coverage or lack thereof. This helps to decide on any corrective action that may be required

Denial analysis and recovery

In case of any denials or rejections we provide denial management support to investigate into each case and analyze the EOB claims. We quickly identify the root cause behind these denials and work to resolve it. With the right steps in place, we ensure a quick and successful recovery of the amount due.

Collect feedback

We are committed to providing high-quality charge entry services that exceed client expectations. That is why we collect client feedback and continually strive to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our process in order to provide the best-in-class charge entry services.

Charge Entry Services We Offer

Input Billing Information

This is one of the crucial steps as it ensures that your practice is billed accurately for the services rendered. Our medical billing specialists make sure that all information pertinent to the patient visit is meticulously entered into the medical billing software.

Assign Charges

We assign each service or procedure a specific billing code and corresponding charge. This service requires attention to detail and our billing team is trained to ensure that the right codes are assigned to the right services, avoiding errors and discrepancies.

Enter Patient Demographics

Once the patient data is verified and checked we enter it into the medical billing system. Our charge entry experts understand the importance of data accuracy and take utmost care while entering the information into the system.

Perform quality check

Through our multi-stage quality assurance process we ensure that all charges entered are accurate and compliant before sending it out to the insurance company.

Submit Charges

Once all the details are in place, it's time to send out the final claims to the insurance company. Our experts make sure that the claims submitted meet payer-specific requirements, facilitating smooth processing and maximum reimbursements.

Service Highlights

  • End-to-end review
  • Strict adherence to provider-specific guidelines across different specialties
  • Utmost data security
  • Frequent audits
  • Expertise and tools for improved accuracy

Benefits Of Scribe4Me’s Charge Entry Services

  • A well-defined workflow
  • Significant cost savings
  • Faster payment collection and increased cash flow
  • Enhanced compliance with all relevant laws and policies
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Timely filing of claims
  • More time for patients
  • Access to trained and experienced charge capture specialists
  • Easy scalability
  • A dedicated account manager who serves as a single point of contact for all your queries

Outsource Charge Entry Services To Scribe4Me

Outsourcing medical billing charge entry services to Scribe4Me can be a strategic move for healthcare providers looking to streamline their operations and ensure financial sustainability. We at Scribe4Me have a team of professionals who are experts at charge entry and can document data with utmost precision like no other. Partner with us and enjoy an error-free charge entry process that ensures timely and accurate reimbursement for your claims. Sounds impressive? Well, get in touch with us today to find out if our services align with your needs and expectations.

Revenue Cycle Management

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Insurance Eligibility Verification

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Prior Authorization

Is the increase in volume of prior authorization requests difficult to manage? Are you short of experienced staff to handle the prior authorization tasks? Is your in-house team struggling to keep up with the frequently changing payer rules? Do you lack the right technology to determine prior authorization requirements in a timely manner? Outsource to Scribe4Me for quicker approvals and faster reimbursements!

Medical Coding

Finding it tough to keep up with the frequent coding updates leading to errors, claim denials, and compliance issues? Are you short of skilled resources to handle the complex coding requirements? Is dealing with denials and appeals a tricky and frustrating process? Does high coding volume overwhelm your coding staff and increase the likelihood of errors? Scribe4Me can help you handle coding accurately and efficiently!

Claims Transmission

Is your practice experiencing increasing denials due to inefficient or inadequate claim submission practices? Is your in-house team struggling to keep up with the latest coding requirements and best practices? Having trouble submitting claims on time? Lack the resources and technology needed to streamline and improve the efficiency of claim submissions? Outsource to Scribe4Me - Ensure fast and accurate submission of claims!

Payment Posting

Are you struggling to implement a structured payment posting process to keep track of your incoming payments? Lack a committed team of professionals well-versed in the payment posting procedure? Do you feel that inconsistencies in payment posting lead to inaccurate financial statements and lost revenue? It’s time to outsource to Scribe4Me! We ensure that all payments are precisely and properly accounted for!

Accounts Receivable Management

Struggling to handle surging bad debts? Feel like you don’t have a good collection culture? Does lack of proper AR management practices contribute to loss due to bad debts and poor patient experience? Is your staff preoccupied with calling payers for updates regarding the status of unpaid claims? Is aging accounts receivable beginning to pile up? Outsource to Scribe4Me. Our efficient AR management practices can help boost collections!

Denial Management

Are denials posing significant challenges affecting patient care, revenue, and operational efficiency? Struggling with outdated, manual processes that are prone to mistakes? Do you lack the financial resources and adept technology? Are you short of adequately trained staff to deal with constantly changing regulations and rules? Outsource denial management to the experts - Scribe4Me. Enjoy higher and timelier claims reimbursement!

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