Perks of Outsourcing Your Medical Coding Needs

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July 14, 2022

Perks of Outsourcing Your Medical Coding Needs

Medical coding is a small, yet indispensable part of the revenue cycle and often the most challenging one. If medical services are incorrectly coded it can result in significant revenue loss and sometimes even put your practice at risk. In most cases, these medical coding errors are a result of overworked healthcare professionals struggling to keep pace with rising patient accounts. Hence, the best solution to this problem is to turn to medical coding outsourcing companies to get the most efficient and accurate coding services.

The following are some of the perks of outsourcing your medical coding needs to a professional company.

  • Cost savings: The most important and attractive benefit of outsourcing medical coding is that it reduces operating costs. Hiring and managing an in-house team of experienced and certified medical coders can be expensive. The cost of hiring a coder goes far beyond paying their salaries to encompass hiring, training, licensing, benefits, infrastructure, latest technological equipment, and much more. Instead, if you opt to outsource your medical coding needs, these costs can be efficiently managed. Additionally, with an outsourced coding company, you don’t have to deal with potential staff turnover.

  • Consistent and accurate coding: Medical coding personnel employed in hospitals and medical practices typically have exposure to different methods of training in school. This can result in inconsistent coding standards leading to procedural and coding errors. Outsourcing companies have a team of AAPC-certified medical coders who are experts in the field and understand the intricate coding guidelines to avoid errors. They can also catch issues before they become full-blown problems. Maintaining consistency and accuracy levels is not a big deal with experienced coders.

  • Up-to-date certifications: Medical coders must be knowledgeable and educated on all coding-related updates, regulations and best practices. Moreover, in order to maintain their certifications they need to complete continuing education. For all of these, you need to invest time and money. But if you choose to outsource your medical coding requirements you need not worry about these. The medical coding company will take care of these things and rest assured. The coders working on your charts stay current with their certifications, skills, and competencies.

  • Utmost security and compliance: Security practices and regulatory compliance is a critical responsibility of every healthcare organization. As regards medical coding, you need to implement a robust healthcare data protection system to protect against data loss or cyber-attacks. Besides this, you also need to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. By outsourcing, you need not worry about data security as outsourcing providers properly comply with HIPAA. Professional coding companies understand the importance of HIPAA regulations and protocols and have stringent measures in place to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of healthcare data.

  • Focus on patient care activities: Healthcare practitioners who handle their own coding needs are prone to feel burned out and lose their ability to focus on patient care activities. By not having to worry about coding responsibilities, a healthcare practitioner can focus on taking better care of patients, which will eventually lead to improved patient satisfaction and experience. With better use of time they can also improve their productivity and ultimately their revenue growth, all while providing quality care to patients.

  • Increased flexibility and scalability: Opting to outsource your medical coding requirements gives you the flexibility and scalability than having an in-house team of set number of medical coders. As outsourced companies have a large pool of expert medical coders you can scale up and down as per your practice’s requirements. An experienced partner can handle a large volume of medical coding even during the busiest times of the year and help increase your cash inflow.
  1. The Upshot

  2. Beyond the above benefits, outsourcing your coding requirements to a professional company like Scribe4Me helps you improve the accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of your claims processing. And remember, that lack of expertise in medical coding will result in upcoding, downcoding, claims denials, fines, penalties, and loss of revenue. We have a team of AHIMA and AAPC certified medical coders with strong technical skills to ensure smooth coding services. Hence, outsourcing your coding needs is the best bet to resolve all your coding-related worries and focus on your core job - patient care

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