The Plus of Integrating Machine and Human Intelligence in Clinical Charting

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Sep 01, 2022

The Plus of Integrating Machine and Human Intelligence in Clinical Charting

Did you know that AI and humans can work together to help augment each other’s capabilities? Well, integrating an AI scribe with a human scribe is the future of clinical documentation. Time and again surveys report that excessive documentation tasks make physicians feel burned out. To address this, machine intelligence and a human scribe join hands to automate a major portion of the medical notes while also providing more accurate and structured content. This can otherwise be called a hybrid scribing approach that leverages the power of AI with highly trained virtual scribes and lets you enjoy the benefits of both – achieving speed and maintaining high levels of accuracy.

The hybrid approach advantage

The hybrid approach uses artificial intelligence to automatically create medical notes. But only human scribes can understand the nuances and contexts of medical conversations. So, combining the power of best-in-class AI scribe technology with professionally trained virtual medical scribes ensures real-time notes and the accuracy you look for. Let us now discuss how the hybrid scribing system can deliver awesome benefits for both the patient and the provider.

  1. Address burnout

  2. AI plus human scribe is regarded as a dynamic duo that has the potential to address the prolonged challenges that physicians across the country face. The increased time burden associated with EHR documentation tasks is the number one contributor to physician burnout. Automating repetitive, time-consuming clinical documentation tasks is the best way to address it.

    Save Time

    Pairing an AI scribe with a human scribe can help save physicians as much as three hours in a day spent on clinical documentation alone. Automating clinical documentation considerably reduces the overall time physicians typically spend in front of their computer screens in the exam room. The time reclaimed can be spent to deliver the highest quality patient care, add additional patient appointments to their schedule or even get home early to spend some quality time with family.

    Improve patient care

    Providing patient-centered care is what every physician strives for. And this is made possible by this dynamic duo. AI scribes eliminate the hassles of time-consuming, tedious manual documentation by self-writing clinical notes. Hence, this AI-empowered documentation, supported by expert virtual scribes, frees up physicians to better connect with patients and provide better quality care.

    Save Cost

    Using an AI scribe to automate clinical documentation is the most efficient, cost-effective and enticing option. And we know that the downside is the unreliable accuracy of medical notes. Hence, combining it with a virtual medical scribe to quality check can help produce high quality, customized notes at cost-effective rates.

    Improve work-life balance

    An AI scribe can automatically generate clinical documentation at the point of care. The draft note is reviewed by a human scribe for accuracy and delivered to the physician for signature in the EHR, in no time. There is no need for physicians to work after clinic hours to complete charts or take charts home or get to the clinic an hour early in the morning to catch up on charts.

    Enhance physician-patient relationships

    With an AI-based clinical documentation system that writes itself, you can now enhance physician-patient relationships. Freeing up physicians from mandated charting allows them to engage with patients on a more personal level. They are able to spend more time than usual talking with them and listening to their concerns which foster better physician-patient relationships.

    There is no denying that speed and efficiency are crucial for healthcare delivery. While the use of EHRs is intended to help physicians meet these demands, it hasn’t yet significantly improved their productivity. Collaborating AI scribe with a virtual medical scribe is the most effective way to address EHR challenges and reap the benefits of both – speed, efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. If you are a healthcare provider looking to savor the best of both worlds choose a hybrid medical scribing service from Scribe4Me.

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