Simplify Clinical Documentation with Smartphone Apps

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Aug 04, 2022

Simplify Clinical Documentation with Smartphone Apps

Documentation is an important daily clinical responsibility. In order to optimize patient care, physicians are always on the lookout for new ways to effectively and efficiently document patient visits. With hectic clinical schedules and ever-increasing administrative demands, physicians are exploring new tools to streamline their workflow. A mobile app specially built for physicians is one such thing that simplifies clinical documentation in order to get the most out of their busy schedules and provide the best possible care. Several intuitive mobile apps that enable physicians to dictate notes, record encounters or auto transcribe are available on the market to optimize and speed up their clinical workflow. These mobile apps allow physicians to focus on patients instead of documenting the details of the visit, all while improving practice efficiency and profitability.

The need for a smartphone app

Technology is rapidly evolving and physicians should embrace it to reclaim valuable time and boost efficiency. Opting to use a mobile app is the best choice from an efficiency and time-saving perceptive. Moreover, using a mobile app to input data and update patient charts gives physicians the flexibility and simplicity they crave for. We know that physicians are tired of navigating through screens and endlessly clicking boxes. All they want is to truly connect with their patients, provide the best possible care and run a profitable practice. These mobile apps are time-saving options in an era where physicians are spending more time on clinical documentation than ever. It is the smartest way to increase productivity and improve documentation quality while giving physicians more time to focus on their patients.

  1. How does a smartphone app work?

  2. Mobile apps help to create and manage high-quality documentation with minimal effort and time. This is how it works. First, you need to download and install the mobile app onto your smartphone either from Play Store if you are an Android user or from the App Store if you are an iPhone user. Mobile apps are designed for your flexibility and preferences, providing you with the option to either dictate notes, record encounters or do an auto transcription.

    You can create clinical documentation with any of the methods that work best for you.

    • Dictate notes: Simply log into your mobile app and dictate the patient narratives after the patient visit is over and send the audio files either for transcription or for offline scribing. You can look forward to timely, complete, and well-structured data in your EHR. This helps you to keep pace with busy patient loads without compromising time with patients. Dictation can be done at your convenience, anywhere, anytime.

    • Record encounters: You can also log into your mobile app, connect to a virtual medical scribe and start recording your patient encounter as it happens. The virtual medical scribe logs into the EHR and completes the charts in real-time. This allows the physician to focus on the patient instead of the screens.

    • Auto transcribe: Begin your patient exam and start recording using your mobile app. While you engage in a face-to-face conversation with your patient the mobile app will intelligently listen and generate the notes directly into your EHRs. All you have to do is just review and sign off.
  3. Smartphone apps are designed with busy physicians in mind to make documentation and chart preparation much easier and simpler. These apps help physicians step away from their computers and engage in open communication with their patients free from any distractions. This allows physicians to create a better exam room experience for patients and reduces time spent on clinical documentation. Most importantly, it increases productivity and improves documentation quality, all while allowing physicians to focus on their core activity – patient care.

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