The Perks of Working with a Virtual Medical Scribing Company

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Mar 09, 2023

The Perks of Working with a Virtual Medical Scribing Company

Medical records play a key role in every physician's day for delivering quality patient care. But with physicians already facing "impossible" workloads the increased documentation demands can make them run behind. Is your medical office struggling to maintain patient records? Do you find doing it in-house results in increased paperwork, error-prone charts, slack in patient care, reduced productivity and decreased patient flow? Though this is a common problem that many medical practices face, there is a solution that can really help. A virtual medical scribe company can take care of your documentation needs while you stay focused on patient care activities. A virtual medical scribe company is a service that uses trained professionals to document patient visits in real-time from an offsite location.

The perks of using a virtual medical scribe service provider

A virtual medical scribe is an exciting prospect for any physician by reducing their workload and allowing them to dedicate more time to important aspects of their medical practice - caring for patients. They take on the responsibility of maintaining up-to-date and accurate patient records freeing up valuable time for physicians. Virtual medical companies like Scribe4Me are making this prospect a reality. Let us in this blog see some of the perks a using a virtual medical scribe company.

Cost effective: A virtual scribe is a more affordable alternative to an in-house scribe to manage the clerical overload. There is no need for a dedicated office space or to invest in any new equipment. There is also no hassle of training someone or dealing with additional payroll. Virtual scribes are also highly trained professionals and can adapt to any workflow. Another greatest cost benefit is that you pay only for the hours used. Most importantly, virtual medical scribes do not come with extra costs like vacation or sick pay.

Less intrusive: Sometimes medical appointments can be embarrassing. When patients talk about awkward symptoms or habits that are causing their problems they might feel uncomfortable with a scribe present in the corner of the room. Hiring a virtual scribe helps them to share even their intimate concerns without feeling too anxious. Yes, without that extra person in the exam room patients report feeling more at ease throughout their appointment.

No retention issues: In-person scribes are usually medical students looking for internship or part-time job opportunities. They are hard to retain as they work only for a short span of time. Not just that, other hospitals are also on the lookout for qualified medical scribes. In that case you need to incentivize them to retain high-performing scribes. However, with a virtual scribe you need not worry about this as everything will be taken care of by the virtual scribe company.

Ideal for remote areas: Being flexible in nature virtual scribes can work from any remote location. Hence they are an ideal choice for practices located in rural or secluded areas that find it difficult to recruit qualified physical scribes to work in their clinics or hospitals. Virtual medical scribes are also highly beneficial for physicians who see patients in multiple locations. The scribe can continue to provide coverage irrespective of where they see patients without any interruptions.

Easy to use: Recruiting the best talent involves time and money. They also need to be trained on the basics of medical terminology, note structure, documentation, and EHR. However, by hiring a virtual medical scribe you can start working almost instantly. Reputed scribe companies have trained professionals and you can get started once they are connected to your IT systems. They also adapt to your workflow seamlessly.

Available 24/7: Virtual scribes are accessible anywhere, anytime, even in rural or critical access hospitals where it can be challenging or impossible to find in-person scribes. With 24/7 coverage it allows your medical practice to remain both productive and competitive at all times. They also provide round-the-clock customer service to ensure a great scribing experience.

Reduced risk of scalability: The greatest benefit of hiring a virtual medical scribe is the scalability option. You will need to hire more in-person scribes if there is an unexpected sudden surge in patient volume. With a virtual scribe service all you have to do is ask for more virtual scribes to accommodate higher patient volumes. This makes it easier for you to handle the changing patient load.

Improved productivity: Virtual scribe usage decreases physician time spent on medical documentation and improves overall efficiency. Being relieved of the mundane tasks of taking notes and documenting in real-time in the EHR allows physicians to see more patients. We know that RVUs is how we measure physician productivity. Better RVUs have been reported by those who use the virtual scribe services.

Access to top-notch scribes: With virtual scribe services located across the globe you can have access to the best talent in the world. Your hiring options are no longer restricted to your location. Virtual scribe providers have a large pool of experienced, vetted and trained professionals. You can find the perfect scribe for your practice suited to your specialty as well.

Looking for a reliable and reputed virtual scribe service provider to do away with the documentation burden and streamline patient care? Well, your search ends here. Scribe4Me is a leading provider of high-quality virtual medical scribes. We have an expert team of scribes for every specialty. Scribe4Me assigns a dedicated scribe to work with you. We also have backup scribes with domain expertise in your specialty to ensure uninterrupted service. Our scribes are adequately trained in the 50+ popular EHR systems available in the market today. All you have to do is name the EHR of your choice and we've got you covered. We also assign a dedicated accounts manager who will work closely with you to consistently ensure quality charts. To top it off we offer round-the-clock assistance to ensure an excellent customer experience. What more do you need? To know more about how you can benefit from using our scribe service, give us a call at (908)736-4180 or email us at [email protected].

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