What Is A Podiatry Scribe And How They Can Augment Your Practice

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Nov 02, 2023

What Is A Podiatry Scribe And How They Can Augment Your Practice


A podiatry medical scribe is an essential part of the patient care team and contributes to the efficiency and profitability of podiatry practices. Podiatry medical scribes support podiatrists by completing certain tasks, such as gathering charts, handling documentation, and taking notes. They are specifically trained to work with podiatrists and are familiar with the medical terminology necessary to document in the EHRs. Having a scribe to perform documentation in real-time, has been posited as a solution to relieve clerical burdens and improve quality of care..

What is the experience needed to become a podiatry practice scribe?

A high school diploma or equivalent is all that is needed to apply for the position. A college degree is not a prerequisite but some employers prefer candidates with a college degree, particularly in healthcare-related fields. While formal training also isn’t usually required, some podiatry practices are inclined to hire applicants who possess at least a basic understanding of human anatomy and medical terminology. Having a certification and specialty experience in EHR documentation is an added plus as it can showcase your zeal for career growth.

What is the typical role of a scribe in a podiatry practice?

The typical role of a podiatrist scribe may vary depending on the practice, the podiatrist’s preferences, and the local regulations. Generally their roles include

Documentation: Scribes help podiatrists by documenting patient encounters, medical histories, physical examination findings, treatment plans, and other clinical information in electronic health records (EHR) systems. This allows the podiatrist to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

Note-taking: Scribes listen and take detailed notes during patient examinations, procedures, and discussions between the patient and podiatrist. Those notes are then used to create comprehensive medical records.

Billing and Coding: Scribes may assist in accurately coding procedures and diagnoses, which is crucial for proper billing and reimbursement. This helps ensure that the podiatry practice adheres to coding standards and regulations.

EHR Management: Scribes are responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date electronic health records, ensuring that all relevant information is properly entered and organized.

Coordination: Scribes may assist in coordinating patient appointments, managing scheduling changes, and communicating with other healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s care.

Clinical Support: In-house scribes may assist during medical procedures such as wart removal, in- grown toe nail treatment, toe nail removal, laceration repair, nail biopsy, soft tissue mass biopsy, removal of pre-cancerous moles and other skin conditions, minor hammertoe procedures, sterilizing equipment, preparing instruments, and providing additional support to the podiatrist when needed.

Compliance: Scribes need to ensure that their work aligns with healthcare regulations, patient confidentiality standards (HIPAA), and the practice’s policies.

Time Management: Scribes help streamline the workflow by handling documentation tasks, allowing podiatrists to see more patients and spend more time on patient care and education.

How does a podiatry scribe augment your practice?

Scribes can greatly enhance efficiency, streamline workflows and improve patient care in foot and ankle clinics. With the burden of clinical documentation lifted, podiatrists have more time to spend with patients, resulting in better patient interactions and improved job satisfaction. By combating the increased workload associated with the EHRs scribes in podiatric practices help reduce burnout and improve physician well-being. They also led to significant improvements in overall physician satisfaction - satisfaction with the accuracy and quality of charts and charting efficiency. This way, podiatric scribes have demonstrated an increase in relative value units and the level of service billed due to well-documented charts. Overall, these professionals can augment your clinical workflows, enabling you to see more patients and earn more revenue, rather than spending valuable time documenting visits.


Podiatry medical scribes play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of patient care. They take on the task of documenting patient visits allowing podiatrists to focus on providing foot care. Well, if you are on the lookout for certified podiatry scribes Scribe4Me has got you covered. We have a pool of certified podiatry virtual scribes who can ensure accurate and complete documentation, which is crucial for patient care, timely reimbursements, and legal compliance. Are you ready to take that next step to outsourcing podiatry scribing? Would you like to learn more about how our scribes can augment your podiatry practice? Give us a call at (908)736-4180.

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