What Is An ENT Scribe And How They Can Help Your Practice

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Aug 10, 2023

What Is An ENT Scribe And How They Can Help Your Practice

Medical scribes are being increasingly used in ENT practices to improve clinic efficiency and reduce physician workload. Well, what is an ENT scribe? An ENT scribe is a professional who handles documentation for ENT physicians who work in a clinic or hospital. They receive the education and training necessary for managing all aspects of clinical documentation in an ENT practice. Simply put, ENT scribes play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and efficient documentation, providing assistance during patient visits, and contributing to the overall success of an ENT practice.

What experience does an ENT scribe need?

The basic requirement for an ENT scribe is to possess a high school degree. A minimum of 2–3 years of experience in medical scribing is mandatory. Medical scribe training, certification and specialty experience in EHR documentation would be an added plus.

The role of an ENT scribe

  1. Document the chief complaint, history of present illness, past medical, surgical, family, and social history, physical examination, procedures, current medications, allergies, lab results, radiographic findings, assessments and treatment plans, and any information dictated to them or relevant to the patient visit.

  2. Navigate EHRs, locate specific patient data, respond to messages as directed, and research information requested by the provider.

  3. Assign appropriate codes for billing, Medical scribe training, and assist with e-prescriptions.

  4. Fax medical records to the patient’s primary care physician.

  5. Understand HIPAA regulations and a commitment to protecting the privacy of sensitive patient information.

How ENT scribes can help your practice?

As with every healthcare specialty, ENT physicians are also stressed and unhappy about EHRs. It’s here ENT scribes come into play. ENT scribes can reduce physician time spent with EHRs, allowing them to stay focused on patient care and run a more efficient practice. That is why, ENT practices across the country are opting for ENT scribe support and many have seen a significant 33% increase in productivity. This improved productivity results in seeing additional new and follow-up patients, generating additional work relative value units (wRVUs) and ultimately increasing ENT practice revenue.

ENT medical scribes form an integral part of the healthcare team and contribute to ENT physicians’ productivity and efficiency. If you are on the lookout for ENT medical scribing services, consider reaching out to Scribe4Me. We have a team of certified ENT virtual medical scribes with in-depth knowledge of the medical terminology, procedures, treatments, medications, and medical codes to ensure complete and accurate charts, every time. To learn more on how our Otolaryngology (ENT) scribes can help your practice get in touch with us today!

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